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“In an ideal world, here’s the exchange Lucy DeCoutere would have preferred with Jian Ghomeshi, after the fact: a conversation with a mediator in the room, held far out of the public gaze, about what happened and why.”

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REVIEW: Seeking Answers After Domestic Abuse in “A Better Man

“Do you remember the frequency of the abuse?” Attiya Khan asks Steve X, her lips pursed and her head cocked to one side. She sits across from him at a coffee table. In a cafe in Canada, Attiya and Steve are at their first meeting together in over 20 years. Steve’s head is bent down; his spectacles rest on his nose.

“No,” he says in between gulps. “I just know that it wasn’t good.”

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Tackling domestic violence for newcomers to Canada – CBC, Mar 23, 2018

Dealing with domestic violence has a whole new level of complexity for newcomers to the country. Wenche Gausdal is with the Immigrant Settlement Association of Nova Scotia. She’ll be talking today at the Canadian Domestic Violence Conference in Halifax.

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‘Her supports are gone’: Domestic violence among immigrant women discussed at Halifax conference – Global, Mar 23, 2018

The largest conference on domestic violence in the history of Canada was hosted by Halifax this past week — as experts attempt to deal with the public health issue that 93,000 Canadians reported in 2017.

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For The Men #MeToo Has Toppled, Redemption Will Take More Than An Apology – NPR, Jan 9, 2018

Dozens of powerful men, including two at NPR, have lost their jobs and reputations in the cultural reckoning that is the #MeToo movement. Clearly, there’s tremendous momentum behind it, but where does it go from here? Do those men have a shot at redemption?

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Finding new ways to talk about domestic violence – TVO, Nov 23, 2017

We talk to Attiya Khan, co-director of ‘A Better Man,’ about domestic abuse, the healing process, and the need for brave conversations…

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Apologizing For Predatory Behavior Requires More Than Saying ‘I’m Sorry’ – Huffington Post, 11/22/2017

In 2011, Angie’s* male colleague at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History brought her into an isolated hallway and grabbed her butt without her consent….

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After Abuse, the Possibility of “A Better Man” – The New Yorker, November 19, 2017

The premise of “A Better Man,” a startling new documentary by the Canadian first-time filmmaker Attiya Khan, is the reunion of Khan and her ex-boyfriend, Steve…

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Attiya Khan: why I confronted the boyfriend who beat me – and made a film about it – The Guardian, Nov 15, 2017

Attiya Khan was 16 and a high-school student in Ottawa when she began dating Steve. He was a year older, he was funny, he was smart, he was her first real boyfriend.

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A Better Man’s Attiya Khan on Why She Confronted Her Longtime Abuser on Camera – Vulture, Nov 14, 2017

The opening scene of A Better Man, playing Wednesday at DOC NYC, is incredibly painful to sit through…

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‘A Better Man’ to be screened in Sudbury – CBC, Oct 17, 2017

Imagine sitting down across from someone who physically abused you more than 20 years ago.

That’s what Toronto-based Attiya Khan did with her former boyfriend Steve…

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Truro counsellor stars in national documentary about domestic violence – Truro Daily News, Apr 26, 2017

Tod Augusta-Scott is executive director of the Bridges Institute, a non-profit counselling and training centre in Truro with an innovative approach to not only stopping abuse, but also helping men heal and repair the harms they have caused…

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Canadian Domestic Violence Conference – V

Canadian Domestic Violence Conference 5

March 22-23, 2018

Halifax Convention Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Details to follow

Canadian Domestic Violence Conference – V


Globe and Mail

In her documentary, A Better Man, Attiya Khan sits down with her former boyfriend, Steve, to talk about the physical and long-lasting emotional pain he had inflicted on her when they were together. Click here to read the full article. 


A Better Man : Crowdfunding Compassion

One summer night over twenty years ago Attiya Khan found herself running for her life. She was fleeing her first boyfriend Steve, the young man who’d been abusing her for two years. Escape didn’t come easily. When she finally bolted and ran, he pursued her. But she was quick on her feet and got away, a traumatized but determined teenager beginning to realize she deserved more out of life. Read More


The Guardian

Why more men should fight for women’s rights -Owen Jones

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Can domestic abusers be rehabilitated? – Ian Brown

Even domestic abusers who go to jail eventually get out. Most often, they go on to abuse again. Punishment is necessary, but it’s also only a start.
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Depression in men: Symptoms and treatment – Philip Moscovitch

All too often, men fail to recognize the symptoms of depression and to get the treatment they need.
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Launch of new website for Military Families

  Launch of new website for Military Families


Huffington Post – Attiya Khan

I Asked My Abuser to Talk on Film. He Said Yes



“Jian Ghomeshi is my friend, and Jian Ghomeshi beats women”