Consult Tod

Tod is available for keynote addresses and training on helping men take responsibility to repair the harms they have created after intimate partner violence or sexual harassment. Along with keynotes and trainings, Tod also conducts confidential restorative conversations with professional athletes, politicians, business people, military units, universities, government departments and those in the entertainment industry.

Tod’s keynotes and training focus on how a restorative approach can help men to help the women they have harmed. The process involves conversations that hold men accountable to the women they have hurt. Women are asked to communicate the effects of the harassment and abuse on themselves and others. They are also consulted about what they want men to do in order to remedy the harms they have suffered. This collaborative process helps men acknowledge what they have done, study the impact of the abuse so they can meaningfully repair the damage caused and, finally, help them create a plan to prevent it happening again.