A Better Man – Documentary Film

The documentary film A Better Man documents co-directors Attiya Khan’s restorative process with Steve, the men who abused her for two years.  Attiya engaged Tod Augusta-Scott to support the conversations between the two of the them to achieve justice for herself.  This process allows women to define what the harms have been on them and what the men can do to repair and heal these harms.  The film outlines the restorative process where men can acknowledge what they have done, study the impact of the abuse so they can meaningfully repair the damage caused and, finally, help them create a plan to prevent it happening again.

For a keynote, training or consultation on the restorative work with Tod Augusta-Scott, contact Bridges Institute.

For a screening of the film or to watch it on line visit the A Better Man website.


“The documentary’s cleverness is that it resists the roundness of resolution or catharsis, while also acknowledging that Khan and Steve will always remain some kind of asymmetrical unit.”

-The New Yorker


“A call to action for abusive men to stand up and take responsibility for their anger and their actions.”

– The Guardian


“There is a lot of raw emotion in this film and there is a lot hope. Thank you [Attiya] for making this film. Thank you very much for being so honest.”

– Anna Maria Tremonti, The Current, CBC Radio


“The film manages to be simultaneously agonizing and hopeful… it is revelatory to know these kinds of [restorative] conversations are possible.”

– Maclean’s


“A Revolutionary documentary.”