Tod Augusta-Scotttod

Tod Augusta-Scott, MSW is known internationally for his work with domestic violence, restorative approaches and narrative therapy.  He has worked in a trauma-informed community-based organization for twenty years.  Over the last fifteen years he has published and presented his work internationally (Asia, Europe, British Isles, America) and presented in every province in Canada.  He is the co-founder of the Canadian Domestic Violence Conference. He works as a civilian therapist with the Canadian Armed Forces. He has also taught in the Department of Social Work, Dalhousie University and is a guest speaker in classes on a regular basis.

Tod is the co-editor and contributor to the critically acclaimed books Narrative Therapy: Making Meaning, Making Lives (Sage Publications, 2007) and Innovations in Interventions to Address Intimate Partner Violence: Research and Practice (Routledge Press, 2017). He has been interviewed for various media including the International Journal of Narrative Therapy, CBC The World at Six, and the Globe and Mail.  Tod is a regular reviewer for numerous academic journals.  He has created a group manual for working with men who have abused that has been officially adopted by three government departments in Canada.   Tod was awarded the Distinguished Service Award from the Canadian Association of Social Workers in 2013.  His work is featured in the documentary A Better Man (2017), a film about domestic violence and restorative justice.

Marilee Burwash-Brennanmarilee

Marilee Burwash-Brennan, MSW has worked in the domestic violence movement since 1984. She  worked in a women’s shelter for ten years and then became a family therapist addressing issues of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and childhood trauma.  Marilee began working at Bridges in 2000. She works extensively with women’s groups addressing these issues. Her practice is been influenced by feminism, narrative therapy and restorative justice. Marilee received the Achievement of Excellence Award from the Nova Scotia Council for the Family in 2013.


Doreen Haley

Doreen Haley BTI, MAPS, CCEDP has spent most of her career in Education, Technology, and Office Administration.





Leland Maerz

Leland Maerz  MEd. RCT, CCC has worked internationally as a teacher and counsellor with youth and families since 1994.  He engages Lelandtherapeutically with individuals and couples in addressing a wide range of issues often with a focus on relationships, abuse and trauma. He also facilitates adolescent and adult groups dealing with domestic violence and sexual assault.  Leland draws inspiration for his research and interests in therapy and social justice from post-structural philosophy and is trained in narrative and trauma informed practices.





Ruth Mitchell

Ruth Mitchell, MA, RCT  has been counseling men who use abuse in relationships for a number of years.  She has graduate degrees in 2014-11-24 10.42.53psychology and leisure studies. She works with the blend between people’s mental and physical health. Ruth has worked with individuals and groups in a variety of settings. She also has experience working in the context of aboriginal communities.  She is influenced by narrative ideas and helping people re-author their lives.







Brock Caldwell

Brock Caldwell MEd, RCT-C is a counselling therapist who focuses first on developing strong relationships with clients who are working towards making changes in their lives. He works witha variety of issues that circulate around domestic violence using a Trauma-Informed Narrative Therapy approach. He has experience working with individuals, couples, families, and groups.Brock has a strong desire for continuing education and is consistently integrating new research in psychology and therapy into his practice to better serve his clients.